The terror of overprotective Gulls returns
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We all know Seagulls (in particular Herring Gulls & Lesser Black Backed Gulls) become very protective of their young and are willing to dive bomb anyone who gets too close. Most think it’s OK, they only swoop, they don’t actually attack and it’s only a small period of time every year – this however is not always the case.

In one of the most extreme cases, an 80-Year-old man was actually killed during a Seagull Attack back in July 2002 as covered by the BBC OK, this is rare, but what if an employee on a railway stumbles onto the third line avoiding a Seagull? or someone steps in front of a moving vehicle? or even drops a power tool? These scenarios suddenly seem a bit more plausible as the Seagulls themselves are unlikely to kill, but people making rash decisions to get out of the way are more likely to have an accident.

As an employer, this suddenly becomes a serious problem as any accidents your staff have whilst on your land, using your tools and machinery becomes your responsibility. Even if caused by an outside influence like a bird.

Now is the best time to act as we are quickly approaching nesting season. If you deter the Gulls from nesting on your property now, you won’t be faced with the extra noise or aggression we see from Seagulls every year.

As it is illegal to tamper with wild birds once they have hatched, over the next few weeks it’s advisable for you to block access to any sites suitable for Gulls to nest. This can be done with wire mesh boxes or spike strips. It is also advisable to do everything in your power to minimise any food waste in plain sight, as Seagulls are opportunistic birds and will nest near to food sources. However, if you have a flat, large or high roof this may not be so easy. That is where a Falconer and a suitable bird of prey comes in handy.

Falconers prey on the natural instincts of pest birds like Herring & Lesser Black Backed Gulls, making falconry one of the most efficient and natural ways to move on a pest species from your property. When a quarry animal sees a predator, they will either run away or defend the land they inhabit, if they find the predator keeps coming back or never leaves, they will eventually decide it’s too dangerous to nest at that site and move on themselves.

Sky Raiders, take this natural instinct one step further than most other Pest Control companies. By selecting the most appropriate bird, time of day and duration, Sky Raiders ensures a large enough physiological effect – meaning our services will have a faster and more effective impact on the pest in question.

Once we have removed any pests from your site, we then continue to manage the pest levels all year round, making sure they do not congregate on your property again.

Seagulls tend to nest in the same location every year, so if you have had Seagulls in the past you are highly likely to have them on-site again this year. So before you have an incident or accident on site, or lose money due to heavy repair bills, give us a call so we can discuss our low cost, efficient and natural methods for helping your business control pest birds.

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