Falconry Response

Falconry Benifits

  • The Most natural form of pest control
  • Plays on the pests natural instincts
  • No need for bird proofing
  • Works indoors or outdoors
  • Can be used alongside other services

Why Sky Raiders

  • Experienced Team of Falconers
  • 16 Species of Bird of prey
  • Affordable and efficient service
  • We work unsociable hours
  • Guarenteed Results

Falconry Response Bird Management

Flying trained Birds of Prey around your property is the most natural way to manage any pest species of bird. The introduction of a predator into a problem birds environment, will encourage the bird to seek a safer location to feed, roost and breed.

A successful Falconry Response is not as easy or straight forward as just flying a hawk from A to B, once or twice a week. Which is why we currently work with over 15 Species of Birds of Prey all chosen for their unique abilities and skill sets.

Working with birds as small as Merlin’s right up to the Large hawks and Falcons, allows us to choose the correct predator for the pest bird we are managing, which guarantees we have the biggest fear impact on the nuisance birds as possible.

Our team elevate the fear response further than any other company by using unique techniques developed in-house, no matter the time of day or night.

We are not only able to choose the correct predator for the pest bird, but we make sure to use the one that is best suited to the environment, whether its a warehouse, factory, office block or even farmland.

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