Nest Removal


  • No aggression from Pest Birds
  • No Nesting materials in gutters
  • Less damage to your buildings
  • Less noise from birds

Why Sky Raiders

  • Experienced Team
  • Nest Sites proofed, where possible
  • Use of Birds of Prey
  • Affordable and Guaranteed

Nest Removal

Nests are a by-product of the breeding season and if removed quick enough can stop nuisance birds from rearing young on your property.

If left, nests will be home to baby birds for 2 – 8 weeks, or more with some species. During this period the birds will be loudly calling for food, waste from nests falling into gutters and of course aggression from overly protective birds.

It is important that nest removal is done correctly, by skilled and knowledgeable professionals. If you tamper with the wrong nest at the wrong time you could be committing an offence as all Birds are Protected by the “Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981” and you need to be licensed to remove the nests of Pest Species.

We practice ethical nest removal, by installing Bird Proofing solutions where feasible to stop the pest birds from trying again.

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