Onsite Presence


  • A Dedicated Onsite Pest Control Officer
  • Keep Birds off site all the time
  • Protect your staff, property and Crops
  • Protection for your Staff

Why Sky Raiders

  • Experienced team of Falconers
  • Use of Falcons to cover large areas
  • Able to work in any environment
  • Our Team are inducted like your staff
  • Guarenteed to work
  • Costs a lot less then you think

Onsite Falconer Presence

Pest Birds tend to be rather stubborn and therefore need a strong, controlled and regular presence to manage them, there are times that a regular visit, i.e. once a week, is just not enough.

If you are finding that as soon as your Pest Control Officer has left the Pest Birds are coming back, there is normally something drawing them back.  It may be a food or water source, a safe place to roost, even a nesting site the birds have used for years before.

Pest control with Birds of Prey works due to the pests natural instinct not to live, eat or breed somewhere that a predator patrols.  However, when the drive is strong enough or the colony is big enough Pest Species tend to need a little bit more of an incentive management program to encourage them to move on.

In order to deal with a pest that is being this stubborn, we can provide you with your own dedicated team of Falconers, who will make sure the pest birds see a Raptor patrolling your property all day long, 7 days a week.

This service is mainly taken up by Waste Management Sites, especially those who manage waste food, Farmers who need to protect their crops from damage and the spread of disease and even commercial sites where aggressive birds can be dangerous to their staff health and safety.

A service like this may sound expensive (to be fair our competitors will make you think any Falconry Service is expensive), but it really doesn’t have to be. We pride ourselves on being the right price for your budget and we don’t overly inflate our prices just because we can, we also Guarantee our results, with no hidden fees.

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