Pigeon Management


  • Reduced numbers of birds on site
  • No dangerous bird droppings
  • Less damage to buildings
  • No nesting waste
  • Reduced noise levels

Why Sky Raiders

  • Offer Humane Services
  • Work unsociable hours
  • Complies with all laws
  • affordable and effcient service

Pigeon Management

Pigeons are a social animal and where possible like to live in a colony, the larger the better as there is safety in numbers.  Pigeons tend to be nervous animals, but when in large groups living in urban environments they become more acceptant of our presence, nesting in and around us as we go about our daily business.

The problem is that Pigeons leave behind a large amount of faeces and are able to breed at incredible rates all year round. As their numbers build, so does the waste they leave behind.

Pigeons are non discriminate as to where they leave faeces and it can quite often be found on your tools, machinery and even the products you sell.

Due to the risk of disease that can be spread from Pigeon Droppings, the clearance of their waste can become extremely costly as it requires specially trained companies or staff to deal with this problem.  The time and cost involved in the clean up operations can affect the day to day running of your business or its reputation.

By introducing a Pigeon Management program into a site suffering with an infestation, the colony can be reduced in size in a short period of time.

Our team will use a selection of humane services along with the presence of a trained bird of prey, chosen for its ability to work in the specific environment and its skill set.

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