Rabbit Control


  • Stop the growth of a warren
  • Reduce damage from Rabbits
  • Protect livestock from holes
  • Less rabbit droppings
  • Controls the spread of Diseases

Why Sky Raiders

  • Experienced team
  • Efficient and low cost service
  • No bodys thrown in the waste

Rabbit Control

Rabbits can be cute and cuddly, we should know, we have them as pets.  Unfortunately like most animals, if there are too many in the wrong location they can become a pest that needs to be managed.

For example, a Rabbit warren in a Horse Paddock may seem fine and nothing to worry about, but what happens when your prize horse falls down a hole and breaks a leg?

That’s just one example of why we recommend the management of rabbits on your land, but did you know that under the Pest Act 1954 you are legally required to control the Rabbit Numbers on your property or land? You can find out more about this at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/rabbits-how-to-control-numbers.

It is for this reason we offer a selection of Rabbit Management services:

  • Ferreting: We use experienced Ferrets to push rabbits out of the warrens where they are then caught and humanly dispatched.
  • Shooting: We offer night time shooting to reduce the number of Rabbits on your property
  • Falconry: Using our ferrets alongside our Birds of Prey offers the most natural Rabbit Control available.

It is sometimes necessary to prepare the land before undertaking any of these services, any work required is undertaken by our team and is included in any agreed prices.

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