Seagull Management


  • Minimise the level of noise
  • No more piles of Bird Droppings
  • Reduced risk of Damge and Disease
  • No agressions from pest birds
  • Protect your staff

Why Sky Raiders

  • Experienced Team
  • Use of specially trained Brids of Prey
  • Affordable and Efficient Service
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Seagull Management

The key to Seagull Management is the correct identification of the problem at hand.  Also correctly identifying all the species on your property to be able to tailor an action plan to your specific needs, alongside the laws set out in the “Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981”.

There are three very common reasons you may be encountering Seagulls on your property

Feeding Problem

Seagulls are an opportunistic feeder who are constantly on the lookout for large quantities of food, wherever they can find it.  This means you can generally find them in large numbers around Restaurants, Farms and Waste Management Facilities or in fact anywhere that food is stored or prepared.

The presence of these birds in large numbers will leave untold amounts of bird droppings in and around their food source.  They will rip into bags, pull rubbish around, drop waste and spread it around your site.

When around a restaurant Seagulls have been known to steal food directly from the public, walking over and defecating on tables and chairs, leaving an unpleasant and unhygienic environment for your customers.

Roosting Problem

Like all animals Seagulls look for a safe location to spend the night, generally this will include gathering in large numbers for extra safety.

A large build up of Seagulls on any property, whether on buildings or the ground brings huge amounts of faeces and noise with it.

Breeding Problems

Seagulls like to nest in numbers where possible and you will see colony’s swell every year during the breeding season.  These birds spend weeks aggressively fighting for prime real estate and building nests.  During this time the Gulls will begin to protect their nests, showing more aggression as the season draws on.

A large build up of these Gulls creates a Health and Safety nightmare.  As huge quantities of Bird Droppings are spread around, along with waste food and nest materials.  All of which can block gutters and flood roof tops.

How we can help

Our team will visit your site and correctly identify the cause of your problem and the species involved.  Once complete a dedicated action plan that is guaranteed to deal with the issue at hand is drawn up.

Working with over 15 species of birds of prey our Falconers will choose the correct predator for the pest species, environment and problem on your property.

The experience our team have in choosing the correct action plan and bird of prey allows us to guarantee our results.

Why not contact us online or call us on 0330 223 2024 to find out more.

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