Crop Protection


  • A Dedicated Onsite Pest Control Officer
  • Keep Birds of fields all the time
  • Protect your Crops
  • Control Rabbits on your land

Why Sky Raiders

  • Experienced Team of Falconers
  • 16 Species of Bird of prey
  • Work with Hawks, Owls and Falcons
  • Work unsociable hours
  • Firearms Licensed Staff
  • Costs less then you think

Crop Protection

Pest Birds and Rabbits for Farmers can be an absolute nightmare, walking over, eating, and even contaminating your crops.

You have probably tried to protect your crops with spinners, scarecrows, bangers, fireworks, Air Cannons and so many more, but these all only offer a temporary solution and they all take up the time of your staff to operate or maintain.

Our team of Falconers can provide the on-site presence of a raptor when and where you need it, helping to enforce a level of fear in the pest birds that will stop them coming back.

In order to protect your crops, we use all of the following solutions in our service:

  • Flying trained Birds of Prey
  • Robotic Falcons and Hawks
  • Use of low power Air Rifles
  • Live Firearms (where authorised and safe)
  • Night Shooting
  • Ferreting
  • Bangers and Fireworks

The combination of all these solutions will provide you with guaranteed results, where the use of one or two will fail.

Damage and Disease control on farmland is not only crucial to your profit margin, but to the protection of the people who handle, prepare and eat your produce.

Don’t wait to watch an entire harvest fail due to a positive test for E.coli, before you manage the pests on your land.  Let us manage your pest problem before something goes wrong.

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