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One of our adolescent Goshawks

Goshawks have been known to reach speeds of up to 38Mph and can have up to a 41 Inch wing span.

Harris's Hawk

These cunning birds can be trained to work in a team making them a match for most pests, even though they are not as athletic as other hawks.

Red Tail Hawk

This swift and powerful bird, it is effective against medium and large pest bird species.

Lanner Falcon

One of the fastest and most agile birds on team Sky Raiders, the Lanner is a match for most pest birds.

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The terror of overprotective Gulls returns

SeagullsWe all know Seagulls (In particular Herring & Lesser Black Backed Gulls) become very proteciveof their young and are willing to dive bomb anyone who gets too close. Most think it’s ok, they only swoop, they don’t actually attack and it’s only a small period of time every year - this however is not always the case.

In one of the most extreme cases an 80-Year-old man was actually killed during a Seagull Attack back in July 2002 as covered by the BBC OK, this is rare, but what if an employee on a railway stumbles onto the third line avoiding a Seagull, or someone steps in front of a moving vehicle, or even drops a power tool? These scenarios suddenly seem a bit more plausible as the Seagulls themselves are unlikely to kill, but people making rash decisions to get out of the way are more likely to have an accident.

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